Before venturing into the property market you need to fully understand your financial situation!

If you don’t fully asses your finances before taking ‘the plunge’ in to the property market, you could stumble at the first hurdle which may knock your confidence or even your ability to try again in the future.

This website provides you with ‘straight talking’ information within this specific subject so that you are fully informed of the facts and are able to financially prepare yourself before venturing into the exciting world of the Property Market!

So what happened to the uk property market?

Over the past 15 years, the residential property market within the UK has been an exciting place especially if you were an investor looking to get a good return on your money. During this time the property scene has had it’s fair share of highs and lows which has had a substantial impact on today’s market.

Lets quickly go over the history of the past several years:
From the late 90’s, up until 2008, house prices from all areas of the country, had been increasing at a rapid rate. During this time interest rates were steadily becoming lower and banks were starting to loan money to the ‘sub-prime’ market. In essence they were lending money to people who were unlikely to be bale to pay it back! This was fuelling the artificial rise in property prices.

During 2007, several experts within the industry started to warn us that that the current property boom was unsustainable and that the country was heading for a housing crash. During 2008 house prices started to tumble and home-owners started to find themselves within negative equity. The UK housing bubble had burst and the country entered a credit crunch. It seemed however that some areas within the UK were unaffected by the impact of this crisis and the value of property within London and some surrounding areas of the South-East just kept gently going upwards.

It’s now 2015 and prices in London have finally started to plateau and in some areas have even started to decline. This is good news for South-East and the country as a whole. If house prices had kept rising in London then it would have widened the economic barrier even further with little or no hope of ever retracting it.

So what does this mean for anyone now who wishes to enter into the property market?
The credit crunch has certainly had an impact on a borrowers ability to secure finance however it’s not all doom and gloom. For instance, if you are were thinking of buying a property but your financial circumstances are not up to scratch, then you are likely to find it much easier to become a tenant instead.

If you are fortunate enough to have a good deposit and an excellent credit rating then you may be looking to become a professional landlord and put your investment into property. One of the best forms of rental property currently is student accommodation. The South Coast is currently one of the hottest locations within the UK at the moment that offer some great opportunities for a student Landlords. With Universities such as Brighton, Bournemouth and Portsmouth that offer the student an excellent education along with a vibrant lifestyle, these towns are becoming increasingly popular with Landlords.

In order to find the right properties you will need to employ the skills of a good Estate Agent. Doing this will save you  time and hassle as they will be able to identify the correct types of property quickly using their local knowledge. They will also be able to understand the mindset of a student in their local town and try and match these requirements. There are large number of agents within these areas however we would recommend that you first try this Estate Agents in Bournemouth, as they specialise with a large number of student properties. In addition there are a number of Estate Agents in Portsmouth that are able to advise on possible properties that would make ideal student accommodations.

This website aims to provide you with the information you need in order to financially prepare yourself for entering the property market. Remember, it’s not as easy as it was a few years ago but with the right preparation and planning you will be able to secure your perfect property!

Good Luck!